An Earthquake Within Me – A Poem

Often, I have woken up late in the night,
Alone in the room, nobody in sight.
Sweating, with my eyes wide open,
I was woken up to the disturbance caused by the earthquake.
Everything trembled, the bed and the room,
I just ran off shaking to tell of the quake.
The floor vibrated and with the floor trembled my steps,
The directions to my life fell off the maps.
Still, I managed to reach everywhere, to everybody,
But the earthquake affected nobody.
They all looked at me with their puzzling eyes,
But I through my eyes penetrated deep into them.
I discovered that everybody is devoid of sensations,
But sensations struck me with profound intensity.
They kept on looking at me, but I just said sorry,
excuse me for the disturbance I caused, for I have come way too soon.
This earthquake that goes on, you cannot experience it now,
For you are devoid of the subtle sensations that it takes to feel the quake.
But they convinced me that I mistook my heartbeat to an earthquake,
And I am not sure who is it really that they convinced, I or themselves.

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